Boost Oxygen Canned 2-Liter Natural Inhaler Canister Bottle for High Altitudes, Athletes, and More, Flavorless (3 Pack)

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2 LITER BOTTLE OF NATURAL OXYGEN: 2-liter bottle of natural oxygen to help you breathe and feel better; Provides users with over 40 1-second inhalations; Quantity: 3 canisters UNSCENTED: All natural, 95-percent pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen is odorless, tasteless, and safe to use ALL-NATURAL RESPIRATORY SUPPORT: Boost Oxygen provides pure, natural Oxygen – free from stimulants and additives like caffeine and sugars – in a convenient, lightweight and portable can 95% PURE SUPPLEMENTAL OXYGEN: Every cell in the human body requires Oxygen to function; Boost Oxygen supports healthy brain and cellular function by delivering 95% pure supplemental Oxygen over the counter, no prescription needed DAILY USE: Start your morning with Boost Oxygen for a stimulant-free wake-up, take a Boost Break with a deep inhale to clear your mind and reduce stress levels, recover faster during and after workouts, and increase your focus; Great for areas of higher altitudes, athletes, and the elderly All products currently listed on this site are for research purposes ONLY and not for human consumption.