NAOMI Extra Strength Patented Astaxanthin 12mg Supplement from Alaskan Algae – Natural Support for Skin & Eye Health, Joint Support – Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, 30 Softgels – 1 Month Supply

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Muscle & Joint Support: NAOMI Astaxanthin Extra Strength is a naturally derived antioxidant supplement that supports joints and muscles and enhances exercise endurance and recovery. This joint supplement contains the antioxidant compound astaxanthin in a dose 3x greater than most competitors for joint and antioxidant health support. Healthy Inflammation: Astaxanthin joint and knee health supplement also has healthy inflammatory properties which provide support for healthy inflammation throughout the body. Brain Support: This brain support supplement helps improve and boost brain function. It also improves focus, memory and cognitive function for sharper senses. Antioxidant properties support brain health and help to protect against damage due to oxidative stress. Features 12 mg of pure astaxanthin in each softgel, triple the dose of typical astaxanthin formulas, to provide potent protection from oxidation and free-radical damage to your joints, brain, heart, eyes and skin, while giving your immune system the boost it may need to function optimally. Backed by Science, Best-In-Class: Try this NAOMI Extra Strength Astaxanthin from Naomi Whittel, New York Times best-selling author of Glow15. Naomi has successfully launched hundreds of best-in-class nutritional supplements made with scientifically proven and patented ingredients for longevity, weight management and beauty. All products currently listed on this site are for research purposes ONLY and not for human consumption.