Umeken Black Garlic EX – Fermented Concentrate with Vitamin B, Allicin, Amino Acids, Pack of 2, 6 Month Supply, (6.4oz) (180g)

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POWER OF GARLIC WITHOUT THE ODOR: Black Garlic EX is a premium health supplement made of fermented garlic to enhance effectiveness while reducing strong odors and toxicity PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS: In addition to its higher concentration of antioxidants black garlic has a distinct taste and aroma that is not as strong or offensive as that of raw garlic PROMOTES MEN?S HEALTH: Fresh garlic cultivated from Japan’s Aomori region is carefully selected and is combined with OYSTER EXTRACT for a potent blend of Vitamins and iron PREMIUM FORMULA: Black Garlic EX dietary supplement balls support your health and contain Vitamin B, Allicin, and Amino Acids TAKE 10-15 PIECES WITH WATER: Premium supplements that are made in Japan. For the best results, take 10-15 balls with water anytime during the day All products currently listed on this site are for research purposes ONLY and not for human consumption.