The Ultimate Premium Full-Workout Heavy Resistance Bands Set | Exercise Bands kit and Weight Bands for Home Workout | Fitness Bands Full Body Workouts with Handles & Bar for Men & Woman

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??Great Value Kit?: This kit was Developed from the best materials for exercisers who want to develop arm,bicep,leg,chest, shoulder. This workout bands pull kit, you will be able to cause the muscle fibers to exert more effort, and thus you will receive more force mobilization for the same excercise bands ??Enhanced Design?: Featuring a combination of 3 stretch bands with door anchor you get resistance band set has a total load of 180lbs. It lets you enjoy challenging workout options for improved strength and heavy stretching fitness performance rubber. ??Muscle Training?: With the steel bar that allows for better assistance grip for full-body exercises With it you can improve your arm & chest our kit will help your body develop and strengthen your triceps, abs, and thighs for a healthier physique! ??High-Quality?:More Durable for the long term , it’s important to know how they are manufactured. The simple quality molded into a single piece of latex. This process is cheaper and results in many pullup resistance bands for working out breaking under moderate use. We have upgraded all of our workout bands resistence to a layered manufacturing process. This is much more expensive for us to produce, but results in bands that are more durable and resistant to breaks and tears. ??Indoor or Outdoor Use?: Whether you’re up for a quick exercise in the park or gym, office, or even at your home, This thick tension bands will improve your fitness & your physical therapy is useful All products currently listed on this site are for research purposes ONLY and not for human consumption.